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Why work out?

There are many health benefits to be taken from a good fitness programme.

Cardio training can result in:-
Lower resting heart rate
Lower blood pressure
Better LDL/HDL ("bad"/"good") cholesterol ratios
Increased cardiac output (the amount of blood pumped in one minute by the heart)More efficient use of the lungs
Calorie deficit (for weight loss)

The American College of Sports Medicine recommend that you carry out some sort of cardio-vascular work on most days of the week (about five times per week). However we are not suggesting that you need to see your trainer that often! There are a million enjoyable ways to incorporate fitness into your daily life. Why don't you take  a look at our lifestyle choices page and see if there are any ideas there for you?

Resistance (weight) training can result in

  • Improved strength
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Improved body composition (lower % fat)
  • Increased bone density (important in later life)

On top of this, all fitness training acts as a great stress reliever, gives improvements in motor skills and can give increased confidence, posture and a general feeling of wellbeing. The ACSM recommend that strength training is practised twice a week. As your strength and endurance increases, you may find extra benefits from increasing the frequency of your strength training to more than twice a week. It is important to remember though that "you don't build muscle in the gym". You must ensure that you take adequate time for resting your body (have a day off from training at least once a week).

Flexibility (stretch) training is designed to both improve and maintain the range of motion (ROM) around all of our joints and is a very important part of any work-out. This ROM gradually declines in most people from the age of around 30 years of age. Poor flexibility can result in injuries during exercise and just through carrying out tasks in daily life. The good news is that, when carried out correctly, stretching can improve joint strength, range of motion and postural alignment.

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