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 MP- Dubai (email Matt)

Having previously been very fit in my late teens/ early 20's, I like many of my peer group, had put a large amount of weight on and become unfit once my career had taken off. I contacted Rob 4 months before my wedding and from the moment he came to my house for my assessment I felt at ease with him. Rob is not only a great trainer but a great bloke who makes training fun and never makes you feel uncomfortable when you struggle or find things hard. In the end I kept Rob on for 3 months after my training and am now carrying on the good work he started with me albeit a stone lighter in much better physical and mental condition in Dubai! Thanks Rob

PD - Stockport (email Paul

I have used Rob Woollen Personal Training now for a few months and I must say that if it wasn't for Rob I would not have carried on training. I reached that stage where boredom had set in and I would turn up at the gym and go through my programme not knowing if I were training correctly or even if what I was doing was correct for me. Rob has varied my workouts and brought in new techniques and explained the whys and wherefores of what I do, so not only do I have confidence in what I am now doing but I also know exactly what I need to achieve on each of my solo visits without Rob. My time is precious and I don't like to waste it.
 Robs approach is excellent. I assumed personal trainers were muscle-bound meat heads that were heavily into motivating people almost to military levels but Rob has carefully worked out my strengths and weaknesses and made many suggestions and guided me through each one. He has never pushed me too far or let egos get in the way, he just really works for his clients and obviously cares about what he is doing.
I have found Rob to be meticulous and scientific in his approach but in a fun and friendly way. I have total confidence in Rob and his training methods and would thoroughly recommend him to anyone who wants to get fitter, lose weight, help recovery of injuries or just take their fitness to a higher level.I have found myself to be fitter, stronger, more flexible and most importantly more confident in myself after only a few months. I am not aiming to be a fitness freak in any way, I just want to be healthy and live a longer life with my family and with Rob as my trainer I know I will continue to train with confidence.


EC - Didsbury (email EC)

I found Rob through an internet search engine as I was looking for someone to motivate me to train and tone in a short period of time before my wedding.  Like everything else I had left it a little last minute!  My only criteria was that I was averse to gyms and wanted to train outside.  No problem for Rob!  He not only provided me with a varied exercise programme tailored around my fitness level and availability, but also managed to motivate me to the extent that I actually enjoyed exercising - so much so, that the wedding is long past but I'm still training with Rob - albeit a little less frequently.


Johnny Marr, Cheshire; Email Johnny

I have now been in training with Rob of RWPT for around 4 months and it is without doubt the best money I have ever spent. Rob obviously keeps at the absolute forefront of his field in terms of attending seminars etc and his lucky clients reap the benefits of this with boxercise sessions etc being integrated into their programs. The sessions have been perfectly graduated in terms of difficulty and Rob always keeps things fresh and enjoyable, somehow knowing exactly just how hard to push his clients. For anybody wanting an extremely professional program offered by a charsimatic and likeable individual who excels in his field then look no further!


CR - Bury (email CR)
I have worked with Kev for a couple of years now, and on all occasions he has been helpful in all areas of my training. Since I compete in my sport, the training programme only forms one part of my training. The other part is diet. I find particularly useful his nutritional expertise as well as his programme planning proficiency which is demonstrated in his professional and academic background.
Unlike other personal trainers I have used in the past, Kev designs a training plan specifically for the brief you give him and what you want to achieve. He will not give you an already designed off-the-shelf programme which may have been designed for someone else. His thoroughness and innate ability to find out from you exactly what results you want to achieve, magnify the detail of the training programme he provides to achieve the best results.
Recently, I wanted to change the direction my training was heading and what I wanted to achieve. Kev advised and redesigned the training programme and provided excellent guidance of how I would get there. I feel very happy with what we have achieved so far, and will continue to enjoy the rest of the training programme.
He is a credit to the Personal Training industry and would come highly recommended from an experienced competitor. Thank you.

PN - Rawtenstall (email address available on request)

 Whether it's general wellbeing or more specific areas of fitness you’re interested in, my wife and I have discovered that the most important thing is finding a qualified and experienced personal fitness trainer who could help us get what we wanted from our time with them
Rob offers you the greatest advice and support which
in turn makes achieving your goals all the more realistic. He can design an individual programme for each member of your family concentrating on areas such as body fat reduction, muscle toning or rehabilitation.
As your
personal fitness trainer Rob is dedicated to helping you to achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals whatever they may be.
I fully recommend Rob to anyone who wants to improve their life and health.




DB - Bury (email DB)
Having trained consistently hard for a long time without seeing a great deal of improvement, I contacted Kevin with a view of getting a new programme geared towards my aims of both increasing muscle mass and general fitness towards playing rugby union.
Three months down the line and I can say the improvements I have made have been phenomenal. I would certainly recommend Kevin to anyone who is serious about reaching their fitness goals- his attention to fine detail and professionalism make those goals much easier to achieve.

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