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Personal training is no longer a luxury that is out of the reach of most people. RWPT have developed a system of services which means that everyone can have a personal trainer. No matter how much time or money you have to invest in your health now, there is a plan to suit you.

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Exercise Programming

The exercise programme is one of the most important things in the personal trainer's toolbox. Taking into account your current level of activity, your likes and dislikes and your long and short term goals, Rob and his trainers can write a programme aimed at directly targeting the bodies ability to adapt and improve. An RWPT exercise programme is like nothing you will see in the average gym (or even from your average trainer)! Forget the typical three sets of ten programme and the monotony of doing the same thing week after week. Rob will show you how to progress your training at exactly the right rate for you whether your goals are weight loss, general fitness, strength training or an Ironman triathlon! Whilst exercise programmes form an integral part of the One-2-One services shown below, they are also available as a stand alone item which can be combined with free email support to aid the more experienced exerciser.

One-2-One Training

Whilst an exercise programme can tell  you what to do and when to do it,  it cannot effectively explain how to do the exercises  or help you to improve your technique. Neither can a written programme provide the motivation and evaluation that is such an important part of the personal trainers' role. This is where the personal trainer comes into their own. In order to qualify as a personal trainer, we have all experienced each of the techniques we bring into play in your programme; and as we are human too, we also know how hard it can be to keep to the plan. One-2-One training really is the best way to get the most out of your programme.

Podium fitness levels
The podium fitness levels were born from Rob's appreciation that not everyone is able to see their personal trainer as often as they might like. We wanted to offer a service that could suit all budgets and time constraints. With bronze service you will see your trainer for one to one sessions less often (we suggest no longer than a month between sessions) and you will carry out the majority of your fitness work on your own. Gold and silver service clients will benefit greatly from more regular sessions as well as a few added extras. Fill in a contact form to find out more about our range of services or book in for a free consultation today.

Single sessions
Sometimes everybody could do with a helping hand with their exercising. Whether you are an experienced athlete looking for that extra push, returning to exercise and looking for technique review or a "programme only" client who wants a little one-2-one PUSH, we offer personal training on a per-session basis. We also offer fitness testing, nutritional advice and individual consultations. Contact us for more details.


Specialist services

We are delighted to offer the following special services.

When appropriate, Rob and Kevin offer Boxercise as part of their one-to-one sessions. Boxercise is a great way to exercise, combining safe boxing style movements with a fun effective workout. Boxercise is not boxing, and there is no full contact involved. The workout can include bag work, pad work and combination punching and stepping. Boxercise is a real favourite with clients and is a great stress buster.


Pre and Post natal

You don't have to stop exercising when you are pregnant, in fact there are well-documented reasons to keep active during the pre and post-natal periods. What is important is that you follow safe guidelines for the type and level of exercise specific to each trimester. With the "gold-standard"  Level 3 pre/post-natal exercise qualification, both Rob and Kevin can help you to exercise your way to a the best chance of  a healthy, happy pregnancy. Click here for more details. In 2010 Rob was asked by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence to advise on their new guidlines for weight management during pregnancy which was a most rewarding experience.

Sports massage
Kevin Sellars is a qualiied sports massage therapist and operates from Radcliffe, Lancashire and central Manchester. He can also bring portable equipment direct to you. Please call Kevin directly for further details on 07870254083.

Massage is often overlooked as a way to look after muscles and can be priceless in terms of preventing injury. It can also help you to get more out of your next workout by promoting faster recovery - increasing blood flow to the muscles to allow faster removal of the by-products of exercise. In multi-stage events such as cycle tours, the athletes use their end of day massage to speed up recovery from a hard day's racing. They are also provided at the end of many larger events such as the London Triathlon to aid tired legs and arms.

Sports massage also helps to break up scar tissue and adhesions (knots) which, untreated can interfere with the smooth contraction of the muscles. In general, a massage every couple of weeks can help to keep you on top form.

Email support

All RWPT clients can take advantage of free email support to help with questions about nutrition,exercise and fitness. This is especially useful for those who have opted for a programme only service. We aim to reply to you the same day, taking into account holidays etc.


Initial consultation with an RWPT personal trainer is free of charge. During this session, we will discuss your present and past fitness status, your goals, barriers and preferences. We want to check that we are the right trainer for you, and that you are the right client for us. RWPT provide tailor-made fitness solutions that meet your needs. Each indvidual health and fitness programme is priced individually according to the requirements of the client.

One-to-One sessions cost from as little as £35 per hour and there are a number of different packages (see here) available to ensure that you get the best value from your trainer. Why not click here and arrange a free consultation to discuss the available options?