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Questions from the past

Q:What is the best exercise for increasing strength?
A:Resistance (weight) training that takes you to overload (i.e you can't do any more) is best performed with quite a low number of repetitions. The programme needs to be specific to your needs and a good trainer will know exactly how to progress your programme to meet your goals

Q:What is my body mass index?
A: Your BMI is the result of dividing your weight in kilogrammes by the square of your height in metres. It is a useful guide to give healthy weight ranges. Ideally men will be between 18 and 25 BMI and women will fall between 20-25 BMI. If you are outside these ranges, it causes strain on the heart amongst other things. A well qualified personal trainer can help you to reduce your BMI in a controlled manner and promote the health benefits given by a well balanced programme.

Q: What does my body fat percentage actually mean to me?
A: The figure given is a measure of how much of your body consists of fat. The ideal ranges are 15-20% for men and 20-25% for women. Most people are aware that carrying too much fat is not good for you but did you know that too little can also be harmful. Fat plays a number of vital roles in the body, such as  providing oestrogen stores in women; sheathing nerves; transporting fat soluble vitamins and many more. Even apparently very slim people have significant reserves of fat so nobody can really say "I don't have an ounce of fat on me".

Q: What is my BMR?
A: This abbreviation means Basal Metabolic Rate and it is an estimate of the number of calories your body requires to survive at total rest. You can guess your BMR by multiplying your weight in kg by 25 calories. Or you can take a test (such as the Bodygem test available from Rob Woollen) to accurately measure your specific BMR.