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Hourly training sessions

In addition to our popular PT Packages, we offer hourly rate training at only £45 per hour. Save money by buying blocks of sessions in the following format: -

Bronze service - save nearly £10 (less than £42 per hour!)
For £125 per three-month period we offer a monthly  1 hr training session with your RWPT trainer, a personalised exercise program and a monthly program review. This option is for the more experienced exerciser who is happy to carry out the majority of their fitness work alone.

Silver service - save over £25 (only £39 per hour!)
As bronze package with the addition of a free lifestyle appraisal and nutritional advice. Silver package costs £390 per three month period and includes 10x 1hr personal training sessions.

*Gold Service - save over £100 (under £37 per hour!)
The mid-range gold plan offers an ideal combination of value and training volume. For only £730 each package you receive all the benefits of the silver package with the added bonus of a free heart rate monitor and a 3-day food diary analysis. The Gold service plan includes 20x 1hr training sessions with your RWPT personal trainer over a three month period.

*Platinum service - save over £200 (only £35 per hour!)
For just £1050 per three-month period we offer our platinum clients 30x 1hr training sessions, alongside a full in depth nutritional advice session based on your 7-day food diary. Also included are a heart rate monitor, sports conditioning service and a periodised programme which will be individually written to take into account your current fitness level and our agreed, achievable goals.

*Train with Rob Woollen himself. All RWPT trainers have been hand-picked for their expertise and assessed to meet Rob's high standards. if you want to train with Rob, he does have limited space for new clients. To join the waiting list email Rob directly on
A master trainer, consulted by Men's Health, Men's Fitness, BBC Breakfast and BBC Radio 5 Live, Rob's prices reflect his prestige but remain reasonable at just 25% on top of our standard fees.