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                                   Rob Woollen


Jack Malin


                  Rachell Crewe   


Kim Derbyshire


Chris Nixon


                   Kevin Sellars


 Matt Townsend (Kung Fu and Self Defence)


 All RWPT trainers are highly qualified, and each has a slightly different specialist areas. We cover all areas of Greater Manchester, including parts of Lancashire and Cheshire and even now have a trainer in the Maidenhead and Marlow area. With a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and qualifications, we are sure to have a trainer working with us who can fit your need


What makes us different?

RWPT personal trainers are committed to providing the most effective personal training service for our clients. We promise to follow the RWPT conduct code as set out below: -

  • We offer free, impartial advice on nutritional supplements, fitness equipment and other services. The only way for us to do this is to refuse to enter into any commercial arrangements with suppliers and distributors. If we recommend a product to you, rest assured that we do so because we believe in it, not to make a commission. This refusal to profit from equipment and supplement sales also puts us in a strong position to get you the best possible prices as many suppliers will offer our commission as a discount directly to you.
  • Our 1-hour training sessions are just that, we want you to have a full hour of good quality training. If you want to talk about your nutritional intake, your programme or your goals, we will always endeavour to give you a few moments before or after you train. Sometimes we have to rush off to the next session, but if we have time it's yours! Your personal trainer is always happy to talk to you on the phone or answer your emails. Where we are unavailable at the time you call we aim to get back to you within 24 hours.
  • We welcome feedback and are always happy to adjust your session to suit you. Apart from some simple safety procedures, there is nothing you "HAVE" to do in your training session. If you don't like it, tell us and we'll find something you do like!
  • We will always remain fully qualified and insured to carry out the training we give. On top of this, we seek to continually build our wide range of skills, through ongoing learning, research and development.

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Coming Soon

Are you a highly qualified personal trainer with the training, expertise and professionalism to be the next RWPT trainer?

Please click here to contact us and arrange an informal chat. We are particularly interested in hearing from trainers from West Manchester and Trafford areas but all applicants are welcome.




Jenny Cromack


We are also happy to recommend Jenny Cromack personal training to those looking for a quality personal trainer in the Leeds area. Jenny worked alongside Rob whilst she was managing the exclusive Sienna Spa and Health Club in central Manchester. See more about Jenny here.