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Martial arts can give improved fitness, confidence, and body awareness and works well alongside traditional fitness training. Matt is a skilled and experienced trainer and now you can benefit from the same personal training used by Rob Woollen.


A graduate from the University of Manchester in Sociology, Matt Townsend has been living and working on and off in the city since 2004. A dedicated martial artist and founder of his own school in Altrincham; Matt delivers unique classes, seminars and workshops to all manner of people across Greater Manchester. A specialist in Wing Tsun Kung Fu along with boxing, kickboxing, full contact fighting, and many other disciplines Matt has taught and trained in martial arts all over the world including the USA and New Zealand. Practising a philosophy of functionality and pragmatism over style, Matt specialises in finding the most accessible techniques for self-defence, self-protection and true effectiveness. In his spare time, Matt loves to swing a kettlebell around in his basement, play sport and cook good food.


Having dedicated himself to finding the best methods for teaching people how to be safe on the street, Matt has a passion for applied self-defence for women and vulnerable members of society.  Having graded to high standards in various martial disciplines and received glowing reports from various groups, organisations and bodies across Greater Manchester for his work; Matt has a growing reputation and recognition for delivering his brand of custom made martial arts solutions.  If you are looking for martial arts or self defence personal training in Manchester, contact us now to book your free consultation.


National Wing Tsun Organisation - Grade 12

New Zealand Wing Tsun Organisation- Grade 12

North West Chinese Kick Boxing - Student Grade

Black Eagle Martial Arts (New Zealand) - Middleweight Fighter

NVQ Level II Door Supervision

NVQ Level II Spectator Safety

NVQ A1 Assessor