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hoosing the best Personal Trainer in Manchester - What is a Level 4 Personal Trainer / Specialist Exercise Instructor?

A personal note from Rob Woollen


 "There has been a lot of confusion (and controversy) in the industry about the new Level 4 qualification for fitness professionals. I personally disagree with the classification, as it gives the impression that the Level 4 trainer is somehow more suitable than the level 4 trainer - in other words that a Level 4 Personal Trainer is the best. In reality - as with degrees, masters, PhD etc- the more highly qualified you are, the more specialised your skills become. There are currently 5 specialist areas for level 4 instructors. I am qualified at level 4 in Lower Back Pain Management, but unless you are a back pain sufferer, this is no reason to use me over any good level 3 personal trainer (there are plenty of other reasons why you should choose RWPT). Likewise, if you are a stroke survivor, or cardiac patient, then my level 4 is as much use to you as a paper dumbell."


Level 4 qualifications are specialist certificates in: -

  • Lower back pain
  • Stroke
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Frail older adults and fall prevention
  • Obesity and diabetes

If you don't have one of the conditions above then you really don't need a level 4 instructor.


In fact it is more important for those seeking the best personal trainer to check that their trainer has a full personal training qualification. It is possible to be a level 4 instructor without studying nutrition, lifestyle and fitness assessment and training outside the gym. A qualified personal trainer will have studied all these. This is one of the reasons I disagree with the system. The best personal trainer for you is the one that you feel can help you reach your goals - not just the one with the highest level of qualification