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What is a personal trainer?By Rob Woollen

The role of the personal trainer may seem obvious. It is, as the name suggests, to provide fitness training in a manner and environment that is personal to the client or group of clients being trained. But what does the personal trainer actually do? Why should you have a personal trainer? What makes the best personal trainer? I have tried to answer these questions and more below.

 A personal trainer is a highly skilled fitness professional. RWPT trainers are required to demonstrate that they have nationally recognised qualifications covering nutrition; advanced exercise instruction; advanced exercise and fitness knowledge; fitness testing; gym or aqua fitness instructing; and training outside the gym environment. They are all required to be registered on the exercise register at level (3) and also to have at least one specialist qualification such as circuits, children, older adult, pilates etc. Gaining these qualifications demonstrates not only that the PT has the knowledge and understanding he/she will need to give the correct level of service, but also that they have the commitment and drive to really make a difference to their clients. Rob himself has gone further, and was the first trainer in Manchester to gain Level 4 status when it was introduced in 2009. But it is not this that makes us the best personal trainers in Manchester. 

The personal trainer differs from the gym or aqua instructor in that they have a much more in depth knowledge of the science behind fitness. From the further study of anatomy and physiology through to the techniques of advanced programming, awards such as the YMCA PTA and the Premier IQ diploma in personal training give the trainer the tools to really target the specific goals of each individual client. It is for this reason that no two programmes produced by a reputable personal trainer will ever be the same. They are tailored to your goals, taking into account your current levels of fitness and any other factors that may apply (such as exercise preferences). A good personal trainer can adapt to your needs, making the exercise session truly your own!

So why should you use a personal trainer? People use trainers for many reasons, but surely the most important is that we know how to get the best out of your time and achieve your goals. I have had clients who have used gyms for years and years, often with little success. After a few weeks with a personal trainer, they realise that the way that they have been training is not the best they can do. I myself found even after just passing my level 2 (Gym Instructor) certificate that my own training improved considerably with the appliance of correct technique and practices. Some find that the personal trainer provides much needed encouragement, helping them to achieve what they thought was impossible whilst others still use the services of a personal trainer to get an effective work-out without going to the gym. Whatever your particular circumstances, a personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to bring that special something to your workout time. Whether you are new to exercising and looking forward to the health related benefits of exercise or an experienced athlete looking for that extra edge, a personal trainer can deliver the results you want and more.

Finally, we come on to what to look for in a personal trainer. Being well qualified is only part of the picture. Your personal trainer is exactly that.......PERSONAL! First and foremost, you must feel comfortable with your trainer. You will not train well with someone who intimidates you, or who you do not trust. After all, you are entrusting this person with your body! The next thing to look for is valid insurance, along with a CPR or first aid certification. Membership of bodies such as REPS, or the NRPT guarantees that both of these criteria are met. Once you have established that your trainer is reputable, well qualified and personable, you need to look at their services and prices. Where can they train you? Do they have access to training rooms or gyms? Can they accommodate your lifestyle in terms of hours etc? A good personal trainer will be glad to provide all the documentation you need to see. RWPT trainers are only too happy to meet up in a location convenient to you to discuss our services and options. We want to make sure that we really are the right trainer for you!