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The moment of truth

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 20, 2010 at 2:49 PM

Today we redid our measurements. What follows should be a real lesson to anyone trying to get a leaner, fitter body.

It is important that these measurements are taken at the same time and preferably on the same day. We did this today.

Bear in mind that for the last four days we have been eating the Dietchef recommendation PLUS a massive 400 or so calories per day extra.

I had lost 4 pounds in weight. My friend had lost two pounds.

My friend was disappointed at first. "I was hoping for a bit more than two pounds" she said. I said nothing as I knew what was coming. This is the first time that I have been able to see these type of  results with the absolute definite knowledge of exactly what we had both eaten.

When we got to the Bodystat (this by the way is an extremely accurate % Fat testing machine costing around £300, not one of those body fat machines from the chemists) we found a whole different story. I had gained around 0.2lb of bodyfat, and lost 4lb of muscle and lean tissue. My friend, however, had lost a full pound of pure bodyfat. Our hydration levels (which can slightly affect results) were consistent across the two tests.

So how does this work? How have I gained body fat? Well the fact is that I have been so far below my daily requirement that my body had gone into a state of starvation. It will then take any opportunity to lay down a little fat, whilst slowing down the actions of the body and the organs to reserve fuel. It also uses its own muscles as fuel when in such a harsh state.

My friend on the other hand, had upped her levels in time to avoid this, and had done very well. Her one pound of body fat represents a fantastic calorie deficit of 500 per day! So well done her!

Fear not by the way - I am not wasting away! My 4 lb drop in lean tissue only represents a daily loss of 260 calories because of the way that the tissue is made up. Around 3lb of that is just water, whereas when we lose fat it is 100% fat!

So what to do now? Well my friend would be well advised to continue exactly as she has for the last 4 days and maintain her intake at 1800 calories. For my part, I need to be careful to get in my 1900 calories per day, and also to ensure that I am sufficiently fuelled for any sessions that I participate in. For the record, i took part in around 5 1/2 hours of exercise this week, of which about 3 hours would be considered vigorous. I am staying off my own training for the duration of this test - for YOU!! I may need to play around a little with my daily intake, and add a little extra for each hour that I train, but NOTE that when I entered my figures into the Dietchef website to get my daily allowance, I ticked the box that said "Moderate Exercise or sport 3-5 days a week.".

I have reassessed using the box "Hard Exercise or sport 6-7 days a week" and it asks me to intake 2200 calories per day. So using the 1500 plan (which only actually contains 900 calories) I will need to find 1300 of my own.

So what is my opinion of Diet Chef at the moment? Well it is clear that they have offended me by writing a response which managed to both question my knowledge and credibility and ignore the very valid points that I made. Despite this, I really want this test to work, and to be able to finally tell my clients about a product that solves their problem. So with a little bit of adjustment for my friend, and a lot of adjustment for me (but that is due to my job) I still think it could have some merit. What it does is allow you to know exactly what is in every meal of the day with no messing about. Is it the end of the world to have to add some bread and fruit? Well, let us see how next week goes.

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