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Week 2 - my friend's results

Posted by Rob Woollen on March 13, 2010 at 5:43 AM

Ok I got my friends results.

At the end of week 2 she had lost a further 1kg in weight. However this was all lean tissue.

Factors which may have affected this include: -

  • The fact that she had not done all the exercise planned for this week (in fact less than half of it)
  • We may have increased her intake slightly too much. A 1kg drop with no accompanying fat loss could be a simple matter of water content in her body.

We decided that next week she would rigorously follow her exercise programme which requires her to do 30 mins on five days of the week. The type of exercise is not hugely important when following a calorie deficit plan, although there are some tweaks we can make with conditioned clients to help with this. The body knows if it is "active" or "inactive" based on the regularity of exercise - this is far more important that the type. I may sound like I am underselling my services here, but there are many other factors for which personal training is hugeley beneficial. But 2 sessions a week of perfect fat burning exercise will always be trumped by 5 sessions of regular exercise even if the type is not as good.

We also decided to tweak her intake so that she now has (in addition to the food package): -

-2 slices of bread with lunch

-2 yoghurts

-2 slices of bread with evening meal

-2 portions of veg

-2 portions of fruit

-half a pint of milk

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