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End of week 2

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 27, 2010 at 5:57 AM

Well week 2 is over. So what has been happening? (My results below)

  • We've increased our calorie intake considerably. I have added almost 1000 calories to the DietChef hamper each day, giving me an average of 2200 calories per day to allow for my active lifestyle.
  • My friend has upped her intake to ensure that she takes on 1800 per day as recommended by DietChef
  • We have both experienced times when we felt a little hungry, but on reflection - I get this anyway all the time. It hasn;t been that hard for me to stick to the plan. My friend reports that some days she has wanted to have an extra snack, but has managed not to cheat at all. We reckon it will be better if she spaces out her eating more evenly through the day.
  • Food is still ranking pretty high for taste etc. The standard is high. Be aware, a lot of the meat is from your cheaper cuts such as chicken thigh rather than breast. So what! That is what real meat tastes like! On average I reckon about 80% of the meals would be regarded as very good, with only 10% regarded as just average, and none regarded as poor.
  • Not getting bored of it yet as there is so much choice, although we are getting a bit sick of eating just bread, and have started to swap for weighed measurements of rice, cous-cous and pasta too.

Week 2 Results

So today I did my measurements. I have lost hardly any weight, but the biggest result came when I put on the bodystat. I have lost a full 2 pounds in body fat, and put back a pound of lean tissue. All this by eating more!! This proves all the theories we learn in nutrition courses about starvation mode and yo-yo dieting.

I am of over to my friend's house now - I'll post again when her results are in.

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