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Dietchef response - they obviously think I am stupid

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 20, 2010 at 9:37 AM

I have not blogged for a few days as I contacted Dietchef to give them the opportunity to see my concerns and to respond. I have not visited the blog since then a sI wanted to give them a chance to open dialogue, but today found that Dietchef had decided to post directly to my public blog without responding to me in person. They have not bothered to read what I have put, or to pay any attention to my concerns. Their response is copied below: -

"Hi Rob,

I am pleased you have enjoyed the food on Diet Chef.

Toclarify any confusion, you have signed up to the 1500 Plan. This is thename of the plan, thus it is very clear the meals you have ordered willcontain 1500 calories.

The Diet Chef website has indicatedthat you need closer to 1900 calories for safe weight loss. Therefore,if this is an inconvenience to you, you should have been aware of thisbefore starting the diet.

This diet does not target personaltrainers who are not looking to lose weight. It is aimed at theaverage, overweight person, who perhaps does not exercise enough, forwhom closer to 1500 calories is more likely to be suitable. For them,this diet could help to change attitudes to portion control and offer asolution in providing a hassle-free diet they can stick to.

Kind Regards,

The Diet Chef Press Office"

Diet chef obviously think I am a little bit thick. I am a qualified nutrition and weight loss instructor at level 3 on the National Qualifications Framwork, and a specialist exercise instructor at level 4 (the highest level available to an exercise instructor).

Let us look at the facts here: -

  • I am on the 1500 plan
  • Dietchef advise that I add 2 portions of fruit (max 200 calories), a portion of vegetables (around 30-50 calories) and half a pint of milk per day (95 calories). At the very most this would be 300 calories.
  • They provide me with 880 calories in their so-called 1500 Plan
  • By following their rules, my 1500 Plan only provides me with 1250 calories at the very most. In fact most fruit will come in at around 60-70 calories so my total could be a great deal lower.

So in summary, as I expected Dietchef provide far less than the name suggests. far from providing 1500 calories as their response suggests ("clearly"), the 1500 Plan provides less than 900.

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