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Dietchef - What is the plan?

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 13, 2010 at 1:18 PM
Ok today is the first day of my Dietchef trial. I think that if this works it could be a fantastic method for people who find it hard to lose weight to shift pounds without comprimising on nutrition. For the next month I will be trialling it and reporting regularly on here - watch this space. My wife thinks I am mad, but I managed to persuade a friend who is looking to lose a couple of Xmas pounds to join me in the trial. So here is the deal.We have each been sent a package which contains all our food for the month. Looking at the ingredients, it has nothing in it that I would not put in at home. No additives, no sweeteners. We get a cereal for breakfast, a soup for lunch, a main meal (I chose 26 different ones for my trial - the choice is really good) and a milkshake (me only). We also get one snack per day which is in the hamper and is either biscuits, oat bakes (like crisps) or a fruit or cereal bar. To this we need to add 3 portions of fruit / veg a day and half a pint of milk. We then enter our profile onto the website (this is free to all to access) with height, weight and activity levels and it tells us if we need more calories. They recommend (and I absolutely back this up) that you lose no more than 2lb a week. So they suggest that I need 1900 calories a day and my friend needs 1800. The way we achieve this is to add from a range of foods which are conveniently given in the guide. My hamper contained 1500 calories per day, so to make up my additional 400, I could have some rice, bread, extra fruit or similar. To make this first week very simple I have chosen to add just 4 slices of bread per day as this is not only simple but very cheap. My friend got a 1200 calorie hamper, so needs to add 600 per day. She also needs additional calcium as she does not have the milkshake I get.. For this reason she has chosen to add a couple of yoghurts and make up the rest with bread.

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