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Toughguy was on ice!

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 3, 2010 at 8:12 AM

Temperatures of -7C on the morning of Toughuy and 3/4 inch of ice on all the lakes.

We went out to break the ice first thing in the morning to make a channel through for competitors, but Billy Wilson  -the creator of the race - would not hear of it."It's called Toughguy" he yelled!

There is a great Youtube of my friend Paul Jones breaking through the ice to claim first place.

After a couple of hours in registration making sure everyone knew how to use the new electronic timing chips, it was time to hold the starting line ready for the race. It was apparently colder than last year, but without the deadly windchill.

As a running marshall, I had to do a little bit of stopping when we got to the first water obstacles. It amazes me the number of people who run round the edges. Why come all this way and do the race but miss bits out. One guy shoulder barged me out of the way when I tried to steer them away from the edges.

It did not seem as cold as last year, but the ice on the barbed wire crawl was deadly. I also banged my legs a few times on half-sunken icebergs in the lakes!

The big theme for me this year was "CAN I DO A LITTLE BIT MORE?" I asked myself that question about 30 times during the 2 hour ordeal and usually the answer was "YES!"

I came home 351 out of the 5050 who entered (and 4200 who finished!) which is Ok seeing as I had additional duties along the way. All in all a great race - highly recommended!

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