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Dietchef response - they obviously think I am stupid

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 20, 2010 at 9:37 AM Comments comments (0)

I have not blogged for a few days as I contacted Dietchef to give them the opportunity to see my concerns and to respond. I have not visited the blog since then a sI wanted to give them a chance to open dialogue, but today found that Dietchef had decided to post directly to my public blog without responding to me in person. They have not bothered to read what I have put, or to pay any attention to my concerns. Their response is copied below: -

"Hi Rob,

I am pleased you have enjoyed the food on Diet Chef.

Toclarify any confusion, you have signed up to the 1500 Plan. This is thename of the plan, thus it is very clear the meals you have ordered willcontain 1500 calories.

The Diet Chef website has indicatedthat you need closer to 1900 calories for safe weight loss. Therefore,if this is an inconvenience to you, you should have been aware of thisbefore starting the diet.

This diet does not target personaltrainers who are not looking to lose weight. It is aimed at theaverage, overweight person, who perhaps does not exercise enough, forwhom closer to 1500 calories is more likely to be suitable. For them,this diet could help to change attitudes to portion control and offer asolution in providing a hassle-free diet they can stick to.

Kind Regards,

The Diet Chef Press Office"

Diet chef obviously think I am a little bit thick. I am a qualified nutrition and weight loss instructor at level 3 on the National Qualifications Framwork, and a specialist exercise instructor at level 4 (the highest level available to an exercise instructor).

Let us look at the facts here: -

  • I am on the 1500 plan
  • Dietchef advise that I add 2 portions of fruit (max 200 calories), a portion of vegetables (around 30-50 calories) and half a pint of milk per day (95 calories). At the very most this would be 300 calories.
  • They provide me with 880 calories in their so-called 1500 Plan
  • By following their rules, my 1500 Plan only provides me with 1250 calories at the very most. In fact most fruit will come in at around 60-70 calories so my total could be a great deal lower.

So in summary, as I expected Dietchef provide far less than the name suggests. far from providing 1500 calories as their response suggests ("clearly"), the 1500 Plan provides less than 900.

Dietchef Day 2

Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 14, 2010 at 1:26 PM Comments comments (2)

Well day 2 is nearly over.

I just have a milkshake to drink which I will have about 7:30pm. The verdict for today? Well the food has, once again, been delicious. I had Cocoa Nib Porridge, Red Pepper and Goats Cheese Soup and Chicken Fricassee. I spoke to my friend tonight and she said, "These just taste so much better than ready meals". I totally agree, I mean they are ready meals, but they taste good enough to eat out on.

I totalled up my calories for the day again, and came up with 1552, including my milkshake later. This is still a matter of concern for me as it is 250 calories below the intake recommended by the Dietchef website (and agreed by me). For this week, we are both going to continue to eat by the book, that is adding 400 (600 for my friend) calories to my hamper along with half a pint of milk and three portions of fruit/ veg. I suspect that by the end of the week I will have lost more than the 1-2 pounds recommended, but that this will be more lean tissue than fat. I will reassess where to go from there, but it may be that I will decide to ensure that my daily calorie intake is the 1900 that Dietchef suggest I should be eating.

This, however, will mean a substantial increase in the cost of this diet programme as I will need to top up with almost 800 calories per day. I can't (and certainly won't) make all that up in bread! More importantly, it starts to make this diet less of an attractive offer for people who hoped not to have to count calories and just want to be given the food that they need to eat.To add 800 calories in a nutritionally acceptable way will mean getting a good balance of carbohydrate, good fats and protein.

To put it in perspective, I could get the right calorie intake by simply eating twice what they provided me with! The jury is still out on the calorie content and nutritional value of this system, but as it stands the food tastes amazing. I have felt a little bit hungrier today, but that may be caused by the fact that I have become aware that following this diet is forcing me to undereat to the tune of 400 calories per day.


Posted by RWPT Personal Training on February 11, 2010 at 6:37 PM Comments comments (0)

I received my food package today.

In the interests of research I am trialling a system called Diet Chef.

Basically, apart from some veg, milk, and a little bit of rice, they provide all the food you need in an easy to use system. This should make it easy for those looking to lose weight as they do not have to worry about what they are eating -you just stick to the plan. I am taking one for the team here, I will try it out for a month and report back on how it feels, tastes and works. I will provide before and after measurements and have persuaded a female client to do the same so we get a fair trial.

On first impresssions, it looks like a good thing. Ingredients are all looking good and there is a massiv erange of choice for breakfast, soups for lunch, loads of main meals and some great snacks. I kick off on Saturday so keep an eye on this page!