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Yummy Mummy

If you want to be in the best possible shape for your pregnancy and get back in shape after giving birth, why not try our Yummy Mummy package? As we know time may be limited for you at this busy time we offer two options, with either 1-hour or 45 minute sessions. And the best thing is you do not need to try to find child care as you can bring the buggy and baby if you like.


Who is it for? Mums-to-be who want to have the best chance of a healthy pregnancy (and reduced risk of complications) and want to shape up and get fit after baby is born in a relaxing environment with a skilled pre/post-natal instructor 

What’s included? During the 15 week Yummy Mummy package you will receive: -


During your pregnancy

  • 10x 1 hour or 13x 45 minute training sessions with your RWPT personal trainer
  • A new mother massage at the luxury Sienna Spa in Manchester city centre
  • Specific advice on post-natal exercise techniques designed to cope with the changes associated with child-birth
  • Weekly exercise planner and personal programme.
  • Email and telephone support any time you need it.

 After the birth (min 6 weeks or 12 weeks for c-section births)

  • 5x 1 hour or 6 x 45 minute training sessions to help you to get back in shape, and help you to adjust to your new arrival.
  • Expert advice on safe and effective exercise techniques after the birth.
  • Weekly exercise planner and personal programme
  • Email and telephone support any time you need it.


How much is it? £675