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YOUR Personal Trainer - YOUR Future in Fitness!

Combining nutritional guidance, lifestlye management and tried and tested exercise techniques, Why Weight? is designed to help you get in shape safely and effectively. Losing weight is never easy, but with our help, you can point your efforts in the right direction and get the most out of your hard work.

Who is it for? Anyone who wishes to lose weight, especially those who are tired of yo-yo dieting and quick fix solutions that don't work

What's included? Over a period of 14 weeks, you will receive: -

  • 28x 1 hour training sessions with your RWPT personal trainer.
  • In depth nutritional analysis of your one-week food diary with ongoing support.
  • Cook book with recipe ideas to help you to a new you.
  • Email and phone support from your personal trainer
  • Weekly activity planner and lifestlye consultation

How much does it cost? £1100