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YOUR Personal Trainer - YOUR Future in Fitness!

Never mind the resolutions...what about Results!

How often do you make a new year’s resolution to get fit? It is so easy for the best plans to fall by the wayside. Never mind resolutions.....what about results?? is an intensive package designed to help you to turn your idea into a reality.


Who is it for? This package is for anybody who wants to make a real difference to their fitness after Christmas. It makes a great Christmas present too!


What’s included? Over 8 weeks this package includes: -


  • 24x 1 hour training sessions with your RWPT personal trainer.
  • Nutrition report based on your seven-day food diary.
  • Three page report, “The top 10 exercise mistakes”
  • £25 Debenhams voucher to buy new clothes for the new you!
  • Health and fitness assessment at the start and end of the program.
  • Weekly exercise planner and personal program


How much does it cost? £1050