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If you’re planning on training for a fun-run, or even a marathon, adventure race or other sporting event, the Event Package - FACE THE RACE is for you. After a needs analysis of both your current fitness and your goals we will help you to achieve your potential whether it is first place or first race! Following the principles of progression, your training will gradually increase in frequency and intensity until the “taper” period where we ease off and concentrate on technique and motivational exercises.


Who is it for? This package will help everyone to cross the finish line, whether you are new to training or a seasoned athlete looking for the competitive edge.


What’s included? Over 12-18 weeks, depending on your event, your standard and your aims, you will benefit from: -


  • Sports specific exercise planning to improve your sporting performance.
  • Periodised program designed around your goals and schedule.
  • A pre-event training run in an organised event (eg Alexandra park 5k) at an agreed distance – your RWPT personal trainer will run with you!*
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fitness testing throughout the program to help build on your strengths and monitor progress
  • Race fuelling system (gels and drinks) for the event
  • 26x 1 hr sessions with your RWPT personal trainer**
  • Drinks bottle
  • A deep tissue massage at Sienna Spa and Health club to help you recover from your race!
  • Nutritional guidance to help you do the best you can.



How much does it cost? £955**


*We reserve the right not to run with you if you are significantly faster than us!

**Based on a 12 week program.