Rob Woollen Personal Training Manchester

YOUR Personal Trainer - YOUR Future in Fitness!

If you’re new to exercising, or haven’t trained for a while, the  Back to Fitness package is ideal for you. Starting off with one weekly session for the first two weeks, we then raise the stakes with intensive three times weekly sessions whilst our trainer teaches you new techniques and monitors your progress. As you master your exercising, the frequency is reduced with first two, then one session weekly.


Who is it for? Those who have not exercised before, or have not exercised for a while and wish to get an entry level introduction to personal training.


What’s included? Over a period of 8-10 weeks, you will receive: -


  • A set of quality resistance bands to augment your home training.
  • Pedometer to monitor activity levels.
  • 19-23x 1 hr training sessions with your RWPT personal trainer.
  • Email support and telephone contact with your trainer
  • Weekly exercise planner and personal program.


How much does it cost? £675 (based on a 19 session, 8 week program)